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The goal of the Service Hub is to create successful customer encounters by ensuring that the right information is always available to the right people. Ticket support requests from the customer interface, track customer service volumes, and interact with your customers in the channels most comfortable to your customers. We help Kaks.io Labs with Service Hub deployments.


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Kaks.io Labs – Your favorite onboarding partner

Know where to start. We have helped dozens of our domestic and international customers deploy HubSpot. Deployment projects are built through the definition phase for system configuration and technical design, not excluding the administration training. Need a comprehensive HubSpot and content strategy partner? Work closely with our selected office partners. Whether your needs are system deployment, redesign, or a comprehensive deployment project, don’t hesitate to leave us a contact request.

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Service Hub deployment project steps

The deployment of HubSpot Service Hub includes a kick-off meeting, two configuration workshops, and training for customer service administrators. Between the workshops, we will configure the system to suit your needs and implement the necessary service processes, automations and queries for HubSpot.

Service Hub deployment phase 1 Preparations

  • A cooperation agreement is created
  • Project start date is set on the calendar
  • Contacts and roles are defined

Service Hub deployment phase 1 Project kick-off

  • The project schedule and goals are defined
  • Possible integration needs and system architecture are specified

Service Hub deployment phase 1 Service Process Configuration

  • Defining the customer service and support process
  • Defining the required custom data fields
  • Introducing a common customer service email
  • Connecting service channels (forms, emails, chat, FB) to HubSpot
  • Constructing service request processing pipeline and related automations

Service Hub deployment phase 4 Customer service tools enabled

  • Customization of the knowledge base for the customer
  • Configuring NPS, CES, and CSAT queries
  • Reporting and Dashboard for customer service
  • Sample emails and snippets for customer service
  • Launch of a shared calendar

Service Hub deployment phase 5 Training and continuous services

  • Customer service training
  • Project approval meeting and transition to continuous services

What does a Service Hub deployment project include?

  • Kick-off meeting (1.5 h)
  • Definition workshops (2 x 3h)
  • Training for marketing administrators (3 h)
  • Modification of the basic settings of the portal
  • Definition of the customer service and support process
  • Definition of the required custom data fields
  • Introduction of a common customer service email
  • Connection of service channels (forms, emails, chat, FB) to HubSpot
  • Construction of a service request processing pipeline and related automations
  • Customization of the knowledge base for the customer
  • Configuration of NPS, CES, and CSAT queries
  • Reporting and Dashboard for customer Service

Optional modules

  • Design and implementation of a support chatbot
  • Use of automated message threads (sequences) in customer service
  • Utilization of videos in customer communication
  • Customer Service Best Practices at HubSpot
  • Task queues in customer service
  • Definition and implementation buyer personalities for HubSpot
  • Service path planning

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Continuous Services - A systems expert as part of your team

Through deployments, we get to know our customers’ processes almost as well as our own. Our customers often want to take advantage of this understanding through a continuous service agreement. You’ll get a designated expert to help your team succeed with the HubSpot platform. The number of monthly service hours is always tailored to the customer's needs and wishes. In the broadest collaboration models, our experts are an integral part of the outsourced marketing team.

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A Five Star PartnerCo operation with Kaks.io Labs went smoothly all the way from the beginning. They were keen on learning our business and how HubSpot could support us on our way to improve our way of doing and naturally our online presence. We felt that we are in good hands through out the project. The schedule was pushing us to reach the targets - a very optimistic timeline ended up as a realistic one. Kaks.io Labs is a correct partner for you, if you want your project to be ready on time. The team working with us had a great experience on different business, but also were totally professionals what comes to HubSpot. We really enjoyed the ride with them and to be honest the journey has just begun.

Tuukka Leppänen

Tuukka Leppänen, Interface