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Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub and Growth Suite deployments

HubSpot supports every step of the customer journey

HubSpot provides tools for every step of the customer journey whether your goal is to create a sustainable foundation for content marketing processes or to find the most powerful tools for process automation and deal management for sales teams. HubSpot provides a powerful tool ecosystem for its customers, and our job is to help you take advantage of these tools in the way that works best for your business.

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Kaks.io is operating in all business areas

HubSpot products and tools

Marketing Hub

Marketing automation system

Sales Hub & CRM

Sales tools & CRM

Service Hub

Customer service tools

Marketing Hub

A versatile marketing platform for the content marketer's needs. Build awareness in the eyes of new audiences, engage potential visitors with your site, and turn visitors into sales leads.

  • Attract your target audience
    Take advantage of landing pages, blogs, and other types of content to reach your target audience. Manage social media accounts and advertising channels centrally from one place.
  • Convert and nurture leads

    Identify visitors with forms and engage them with your brand through videos, email marketing and chat bots. Guide early-stage leads to automated marketing nurturing paths. Improve the convertibility of landing pages with A/B testing.

  • Measure success

    With campaign reporting, you measure the success of your actions. Understand how your site works through visitor analytics and compare the effectiveness of touch points with attribution reports.

Kaksio Labs supports its customers in Marketing Hub deployments. Not only do we help with system configuration, but we also support our customers in outlining marketing automation processes through lead stage defining and customer journey design. Through such systematic deployment, you make effective use of all available HubSpot functionalities for lead generation and nurturing. We always include HubSpot training for administrators as part of a deployment project.


Sales Hub & CRM

The Sales Hub helps sales teams allocate the working time only to the most essential phases of work. Automate, track, and measure sales processes through a single system. Through CRM, you connect all the teams working in the customer interface to up-to-date information.

  • Streamline the processes
    Stay up to date on your leads' movements with notifications: who has opened your emails and which of your prospects are revisiting your website. Streamline your work with task lists and move leads to sales sequences. Use your time wisely!
  • Engage with your contacts

    Make calendar reservations easy with the meetings tool. Log all sales activities in one place so that all lead-related information is always up to date and accessible to everyone. Send 1: 1 video messages to your contacts and reach site visitors effectively with live chat.

  • Measure and become better

    Forecast revenue based on sales figures and lead the sales pipeline directly where sales work on a daily basis. Measure the effectiveness of your activities and salespeople through customized dashboards and report views.

We assist our clients with the implementation of the Sales Hub. Our team’s strong business expertise sets us apart from many other HubSpot partners. We aim to contribute to all the critical customer journey phases as we design your HubSpot processes. We move from marketing to sales processes and further to customer success.


Service Hub

Take care of your customers with HubSpot Service Hub tools. With a wide range of functionalities, you engage existing customers, ultimately turning customers into referrers.

  • Organize

    Keep customer service support requests in order and resourced through the ticketing process. Reach your customers wherever they are: utilize a live chat or chat bot, receive customer service calls, or organize incoming support requests via email in a shared team email.

  • Help and delight

    Provide support and assistance to customers through knowledge-based sites, and message in a timely and automated manner using email sequences. Manage and lead people’s work with personal or team-specific task lists. Unify team communication through templates and bring a touch of personality to communication with 1:1 videos.

  • Measure and develop

    Create customer service reports and dashboard views. Gather information on the quality of operations through customer surveys.

We at Kaks.io Labs help companies of all sizes implement Service Hub and Growth Suite. Click below to see the phases of our deployment project.


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Continuous services: A HubSpot system expert as part of your team

Through deployments, we get to know our customers’ processes almost as well as our own. Our customers often want to take advantage of this understanding through an ongoing service agreement. You’ll get a designated expert to help your team succeed with the HubSpot platform. The number of monthly service hours is always tailored to the customer's needs and wishes. In the broadest collaboration models, our experts are an integral part of the customer's outsourced marketing team.

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