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Kaksio Labs' technical team, which has gained worldwide recognition, brings innovative and inspiring solutions to your company's digitalization challenges to help you meet your business needs. We specialize in challenging HubSpot environments and implementing migrations and integrations. We also develop our own HubSpot plug-ins and applications. We are also familiar with custom object based solutions (read more about custom objects).

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We will bend HubSpot to your needs.

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Applications & extensions


With HubSpot integrations, we aim to provide our customers with the best and most flexible ways to connect third-party and partner applications to the HubSpot platform. We have extensive experience in handling demanding integrations with various systems.

kumppanit-ikoni 2 (3)Off-the-shelf integrations

We have built several integrations between HubSpot and different systems. We are happy to help with integrations, from definition to implementation, and even the training of your team. We are actively involved in defining integrations and helping you to select the most appropriate technologies.

We have also developed ready-made integrations with the following:

kumppanit-ikoni 1 (1)Integration development

In addition to native integrations, we are currently developing other customized solutions utilizing integration services such as Zapier and PieSync. Sometimes, even these do not provide suitable semi-finished solutions, in which case we implement the integrations ourselves. When it comes to multilateral integrations, we have experience in Apache Camel and FRENDS.

Some of our customized integrations include:

  • Atlassian Marketplace
  • Zendesk
  • Google Reseller Panel
  • Talosofta
  • Dynamics 365
Atlassian Marketplace


When deploying HubSpot, the majority of our customers have one or more systems whose data they wish to transfer to HubSpot during deployment. This is called migration and Kaks.io Labs’ technical team assists your organization in this. The usual migration entities are blogs, websites, and, most importantly, CRM or customer base information. As part of our standard migration service, we map out what data you want to transfer from legacy systems, find out how these are mapped to HubSpot, and carry out the data transfer in one or more stages. Read more about the migrations from Efecte's customer story.

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Applications and extensions

Our applications include various add-ons and extensions built on the HubSpot platform. These include store location, request for quotation tools, voice control and thermal maps of business data. Below are a few examples of the applications we have implemented. These are very quick to deploy and we take care of installing these on your HubSpot portal and configuring them according to your needs.

Sales management and business products:
  • The Sales Pipeline Trends (SPT): Module enables new reporting capabilities for your HubSpot CRM. With the SPT tool, you can easily view, browse and report sales growth, pipeline rotation and average trade size over a period of time. It is highly adaptable to different customer needs and can be integrated to create AI-based forecasts.
Applications and components related to CRM data quality and migration

We have built applications for the various functions required in the migration process. These can be used to both solve a one-off problem and be part of a migration project.

  • Duplicate Manager:  This component gives you more control over removing duplicates. You can select the duplicate criteria and the system will create lists of "safe" duplicates and candidates. After modifications, the system connects the contacts as desired. The remaining attributes can also be selected on a case-by-case basis, unlike in the normal HubSpot merging process.
  • Engagement Copier:  Copying activities from one portal to another, e.g. in the case of a business transaction.
  • Closing Date Fixer: In migration, time zones cause errors in transaction reporting. Currently, this cannot be bypassed through the HubSpot portal. With a tool that uses API, we can verify the correct dates for all transactions.
  • Line Item Association: We can combine historical sales data with your product portfolio on HubSpot. This way, even sellers and reports have the right information about old transactions.

In addition to these, we implement the necessary components to ensure the success of the migration project. We start with customer needs and current data, so that we can find the best ways to transfer data to HubSpot flawlessly and align it with the customer's own processes.

Other components include:
  • Map Module / Store Locator: Store Locator is a dynamic HubSpot module that provides an easy way to manage a map-based presentation of the location information of your outlets or resellers on your HubSpot CMS website. The Google Maps and HubDB integration ensures that you always have up-to-date information.
  • Instagram Module: Presentation of the Instagram feed on the web pages implemented on HubSpot.
  • Quotation Enhancer: The Quotation Enhancer automates the transfer of product information to product pages using HubSpot’s smart forms. This enhances the customer ordering experience as requests are then routed to sales staff and updated in CRM. The Quotation Enhancer has shortened sales cycles by up to 50% thanks to customized orders.
  • Paytrail Payments: The integration of Paytrail payments with HubSpot connects you with five million Finnish consumers, as this payment module includes credit cards and online payment methods for Finnish bank accounts. The Paytrail payment module offers a lightweight solution to the need for e-commerce and is popular among event and training organizers in Finland.

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