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A guide to succeed in a human-centered system renewal

What makes implementing a new IT system challenging, and how can a human-centered approach ensure success?

For one organization, a new IT system can be a game-changer, while for another, it may feel like an overwhelming challenge. However, a well-implemented IT system offers significant advantages—it enhances daily operations, automates numerous processes, and ensures transparency of key metrics across the organization. The secret to success lies not in the technology itself, but in the people who drive the change. Focusing on the human aspect—understanding their needs, addressing their pain points, and involving them in the process—is crucial. Our practical guide emphasizes this human-centered approach, outlining the steps to a successful IT system implementation and listing the crucial factors to consider before and during the process.

What the guide offers you:

  • Practical insights on adopting a human-centered approach to IT system renewals
  • Six tested templates for leading human-centered IT projects successfully
  • Common pitfalls of IT project change management and tips for overcoming them
  • Tips for maintaining a long lasting change and continuous development 
  • Experience and insights on managing change in IT projects with a focus on organizational culture and employee engagement
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"One of the fundamental reasons for project failure is the breakdown of communication within the organization. When different departments operate in silos, misalignment of goals and objectives becomes inevitable."

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