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Defining Sales and Marketing alignment in HubSpot PART 2

A hands-on guide to building
common processes for teams

After the definition phase aka the theoretical framework of the sales and marketing alignment is done, we can put those theories into practice and start creating marketing and sales actions in HubSpot. In the second part of this two-part guide we introduce you to the different steps of the customer journey from lead generation to lead nurturing and provide you with practical examples of HubSpot tools. In order to have the actions and processes support your business, we need to take care of measuring. In this guide we also introduce you to smarketing indicators that help you keep track of the successful sales and marketing alignment.

What the second part of the guide offers you:

  • Sales and marketing alignment and HubSpot tools throughout the buyer journey
  • Defining the lead levels and categories
  • Sales and marketing indicators
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Inspiring, flexible and accessible experts We needed a well-positioned and capable partner to support our growth company in achieving its ambitious goals: building data-driven marketing and sales. Kaksio Labs has lived up to all our expectations: inspiring, with the right attitude, flexible and accessible experts who always have a focus on customer success. A warm recommendation!

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