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Sales in HubSpot webinar

Video | Modern Sales Tools & Tactics in HubSpot: Cases Vainu & Brella

What tools does HubSpot offer to support sales and, most importantly, how do you get the most out of them? In this video practice meets theory when our guests Mikko Honkanen from Vainu and Saara Tamminen from Brella share their best tips for boosting sales with HubSpot tools.

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The Evolution of CRM Systems

Video | The Evolution of CRM Systems: How modern CRM can transform your business

Download our webinar, during which HubSpot's Steve Vaughan and Kaksio Labs' Aleksi Lehtola discuss the possibilities of modern CRM. In the webinar recording, we go through the evolution of CRM and the key changes that have influenced the development of CRM systems. 

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Templates | Support for specifying leads and buyer personas and set up lead scoring

Need additional tools to define HubSpot buyer personas, leads and lead scoring models? If you answered yes, we have good news for you! We put together templates to support the definition of a comprehensive package. The templates provide support for setting common goals for teams, defining concepts and levels, and building a clear common picture.

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Guide | Sales and Marketing Collaboration at HubSpot

We noticed that there are far too few hands-on examples in the world of how to really leverage HubSpot in a sales and marketing collaboration. Hence the idea for this guide! Our hands-on (but solid) guide walks you through all the initial stages of the customer path from the perspective of both sales and marketing tools.

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Excellent digitization partnerOur company needed a partner to modernize our website using  HubSpot functionalities and SEO. These guys really know what they are doing. From the beginning, everything has been done with a touch of perfection and I can recommend Kaksio Labs as a partner for all of you who want to modernize your business models and start developing your business with an out-of-the-box mentality.

Toni Schlobohm



Toni Schlobohm, Skydda

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