HubSpot updates April 2021

Apr 22, 2021

Time for a monthly HubSpot product development review! This month, we’ll showcase interesting updates such as campaign-specific marketing tasks, marketing deals attribution reporting, the CMS sidebar view (still in BETA), and a new Trello integration that can be used agilely in workflows.

Check out the full list on this HubSpot product update.

Marketing Hub

Marketing Tasks within Campaigns

  • What is it about: You can create marketing tasks for campaigns and view them centrally under the campaigns view.
  • What's the benefit: Last month, we announced a new marketing task. This month, tasks have been taken to another level as you can link them directly to marketing campaigns. You can view the tasks as a list in the Tasks view, or directly below the campaign as a view of their own.

Rename marketing campaigns

  • What is it about:: You can edit the name of your campaign after it's published.
  • What's the benefit: Many users have been troubled by the static name of the campaign: it has not been possible to edit it since the campaign was published. Often the name will be refined or changed during the process and now you can edit the name in the campaign view by clicking Actions 🡪 Edit Campaign.

Deal create Attribution

  • What is it about: A new attribute reporting template in the BETA phase of Marketing Hub Enterprise, that allows you to view the activities of contacts associated with deals and their weight on completed transactions.
  • What are the benefits: Process-important information for marketing about the contacts of the dealers, who led the deal and their movements. The reporting provides important information, especially on the key contents and marketing activities of the MOFU (middle of the funnel) phase and their impact on the contacts involved in the deals that led to the deal. The report provides a deeper understanding of the marketing activities that have contributed to deal contacts and, consequently, revenue growth.

An example of a situation where a new attribution report brings a solution:

Marketing transfers contacts to sales but is unable to link its own work input to completed transaction. Some solve the problem by creating a new Property at the deal level, which marks the “source” of the deal and which marketing can use in their own reporting by looking at how many “marketing deals” have led to the deal. This type of simplified reporting does not take in account the impact of marketing (or sales, respectively) investments on contacts in the deal, regardless of source. Even if the contact is so-called outbound contact, marketing can have significant impact on deal finishing and revenue generation. The new report can therefore measure the impact of marketing content on all contacts associated with won deals, regardless of where they originally came from.


Sales Hub

Forecast Submission 

  • What is it about: You can add a `forecast submission' value to the Forecast view
  • What's the benefit: The Forecast Submission field allows team members responsible for sales to add an estimate of actual sales to the forecast for the selected time period. The figure can be changed and adjusted according to the seller's own forecast of the actual amount in euros. If the amount is changed, the history information will remain in the log. Available to Sales Enterprise users only.

Increased Deal Pipeline limit

  • What is it about: Sales Hub Enterprise customers can create up to 100 deal pipelines instead of the previous 50 per HubSpot license.


Site tree in CMS Hub

  • What is it about: Organize and maintain pages through a visualized page hierarchy view.
  • What's the benefit: HubSpot now provides a visual way to view the pages below the domains of a website that takes into account the structure of the hierarchy. The new view makes it easier to manage the site as a whole, for example during the construction phase of a new website. For example, you can conveniently filter all published pages to view, so you can easily check that there are nothing among them that shouldn't be there. The new feature is still in the BETA test phase, but will soon be available to CMS Enterprise and Pro users.


All Hubs

Add text, images, and videos to your dashboard

  • What is it about: You can add text, videos and images to the reporting dashboard.
  • What's the benefit: You may want to leave a video greeting for viewers on the Report Dashboard or add other text / video / image content that supports reporting as part of the report view. This is now possible with HubSpost’s new Dashboard feature.


Conversation based workflows

  • What is it about: The new type of Workflow available to Marketing, Sales & Service Pro users.
  • What's the benefit: A new type of automation based on chat data brings nice new possibilities for internal and external communication. For example, you can send a feedback inquiry email triggered by chat data or, for example, trigger an automatic apology message for those whose response time exceeds the duration specified in the SLA. You can also, for example, trigger tasks for contact owners using automation.

Create trello cards from workflows

  • What is it about: You can integrate Trello directly into the HubSpot workflow.
  • What's the benefit: Keep your team up-to-date regardless of systems and trigger new Trello cards directly with workflow workflows. For example, you can trigger the production of a new task in Trello as the deal progresses to the status 'won'. In this way, the transfer of information is not subject to human error.

    In the automation activity view, click on the tab “Connect App” at the top and search for Trello, after which you will link your account together with a few clicks. Easy!

Increased limits for Templates, Sequences, Documents, Snippets and Playbooks

  • What is it about: HubSpot has made increases in the number of templates, sequences, documents, snippets and playbooks across all license levels. Take a look at the updated quantities in the table below.

Updates Public Product Roadmaps

While our monthly blog provides easy and pre-chewed information on system updates, we also often get questions about HubSpot’s product development roadmap. The revamped roadmap page provides information for all information-hungry HubSpotters at: Hubspot.com/new

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