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Ready-made applications and extensions

Our HubSpot applications include various add-ons and extensions built on HubSpot platform. These include applications such as store locators, quotation tools, voice control, heatmaps among others.

Below are some examples of our applications. These are quick to take into use. We take care of installing these on your HubSpot portal and configuring them to suite your needs.

Drop us a line if you need something else. We might already have something suitable. If not, we are glad to give you an estimate on the implementation.

Powerful Extensions


Store Locator

Store Locator is a dynamic HubSpot module which enables the most easy way to represent your office, store or reseller location on your HubSpot CMS website. With the integration on Google Maps and HubDB ensures always up to date information.

Requirements: HubDB, Google Account (for maps)
See Example:

Quotation Enhancer

Quotation Enhancer app/module/tool automatize the product data flow from data lists to product pages on Hubspot CMS smart forms. This will enhance excellent order experience for the customer. The requests are then directed to sales personnel and updated to CRM. Quotation Enhancer has proofed to shorten the sales cycle even up to 50% thanks to customized orders.

Requirements: Marketing Hub Professional
See Example:

PayTrail Payments

PayTrail payment integration to HubSpot CMS is connecting you to 5 million Finnish consumers.. Paytrail payment module includes credit cards and online payment methods for Finnish Bank accounts. PayTrail Payments module offers solution for need of light eCommerce module for example single transaction orders. Popular among event and course organizers in Finland.

Requirements: Marketing Hub Professional, PayTrail account
See Example: Academy of brain


Value creating add-ons 


HeatMaps module offers excellent visual tool to visualize sales data geographically. This module can incorporate imported external data or used data from marketing pro or CRM. With this module you can finally bring familiar function from BI-tools to CRM world. People understand much better visual information about visitors or sales data though heatmapping. This module is also highly adaptable to include for example AI, workflow or enriched data to create dynamic demographic behaviour models, enabling projections and direct sales and marketing.

Requirements: Sales Hub Free


Siri Voice Control

Siri Voice Control module incorporates Apple Siri intelligent assistant functions to your HubSpot digital services. It is highly adaptable for various needs. Utilization for example in processes and workflow for special needs living service to enable the communication between system and special needs individuals.

Requirements: Apple developer account


Sales Pipeline Trends

Sales Pipeline Trends module enables new valuable reporting functions to HubSpot CRM. With SPT tool you can easily view, backtrack and report sales growth, closing time and medium deal size in certain period of time in history. Highly adaptable for various customer needs and ability to integrate AI to create projections.

Requirements: Sales Hub Professional